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Procedure to follow if good received does not meet features negotiated when buying the good.
  • What do I have to do when I receive the product I bought?
     1) Check carefully that the number of package received is the same as the number written on the delivery note 
    2) Check carefully the integrity of the packages.
    - If package is intact, sign the delivery note
    - If package is DAMAGED, sign the delivery note adding the writing "goods unchecked"
    3) Check the status of goods. Are they ok or damaged? If damaged see the following step.
  • What do I have to do if package and good received is damaged?
    If package received is damaged follow these steps:
    - Take a picture of the package trying to highlight the problem
    - Open the package paying attention to the good inside. (Good inside could be intact)
    - If also the good is damaged or it has other problem, take a picture of the good trying to highlight the problem.
    - Send an email to with your name, number of delivery note, description of the problem and photo taken. Wait for our email back.


Delivery timing and modality of our products
  • Who pay the transport?
    Transport is always at customer's charge.
    Customer can use its own forwarder or our forwarder. In this second case the cost of transport will be charged in the invoice.
  • How much is the transport?
    Transport cost varies according to the weight and volume of the goods. We will communicate the right price when confirming the order.
    If customer picks up the good directly to our company, no transport cost will be charged.
  • How long does it take for an order to arrive?
    Delivery time depends on services request when ordering (delivery with phone calling, scheduled delivery, etc.). All these additional services have an extra cost.
    In Italy delivery time is almost 3 days
    In Sardegna, Sicilia and other island, delivery time goes from 5 to 7 days
    Delivery time change according to the destination country.
  • Where can I get my order?
    Customer can receive his order wherevevr he wants. At his house, at a dedicated warehouse, etc.


  • How can I pay?
    Customer must pay thorugh a bank transfer before receiving good.
    Good will not leave our warehouse before receiving the credit on our bank.
    Good will not leave our warehouse only with a payment receipt.
  • How can I pay in your company?
    If customer come to our warehouse to buy good, can pay with:
    - CASH
  • Can I return a good?
    Yes, you can return a good by bringing it to our company with the original invoice. In Our company we will refund money.
    If customer cannot come to our company, he must send en email to where he explains the resons why he wants return the good. If good is not damaged and the return happens because customer changes idea, delivery cost from customer to our company are on customer's charge.

    Refund of money will be done once we received the good and only if the good is in the same condition as it was when sending to the customer. IF GOOD IS DIRTY, DAMAGED OR UNSELLABLE NO REFUND OF MONEY WILL BE DONE.
  • How can I get my refund?
    Modality of refund of money will agree directly to the customer. Usually refund has the same modality as the payment.


  • How can I place an order?
    There are two modalities to place an order:
    1) By sending an email, by telephone or fax
    2) By website
    If you use the website, please follow the procedure below:
    - Register under CONTAC US filling up all the blanks
    - Once registered, if you "are" a company*, you will receive a password to enter the customer area.
    - If enter the webside through the customer area, you can see products with their price.
    - Select the product/s you are interested in. Product/s you selected will go into a list that will be sent to our selling office. Our selling office will contact you to complete the order.
    * Berni Group S.r.l. sells only to VAT number holder. So, people who do not have VAT number will not able to view the price of our item and their details will be sent to our shop.
  • How can I recover the password for the customer area?
    If you forget the password, you can recover it going to CUSTOMER AREA ACCESS and click "If you do not have an account fill out the registration form".
    An aumatically email will open. Here you can make your request.



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